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Casco Helmet Suomy Helmet Helm Replica Capirossi Serie Limitata S

Casco Helmet Suomy Helmet Helm Replica Capirossi Serie Limitata S

Casco Helmet Suomy Helmet Helm Replica Capirossi Serie Limitata S    Casco Helmet Suomy Helmet Helm Replica Capirossi Serie Limitata S

For adequate protection the helmet must fit and be properly and securely connected, so it can not be removed by pulling, turning the same on the head. If it is too large can descend to cover their eyes or turn sideways while driving thus preventing visibility. The particular conformation of the construction and of different density, increase the mechanical strength in case of accidental impact.

Bumper printed and formed from a flat sheet which is then thermoformed. Each shield is unique and optical properties and mechanical strength, unmatched. In addition, through this process is not necessary in the application of the lens superimposed visor because they are already treated with a permanent \d-ring retention system designed and patented by suomy: the famous and tested the dual system of ring ensures stability, security and stability. How it works: Insert the free end of the strap through the rings. Pull the terminal until the belt presses firmly against the jaw. Once you have done this should no longer be possible to remove the helmet, check, grabbing the back and turn it on, the helmet can not be pulled and remains firmly on the head. If the helmet tends to slide or rotate freely on the head, tighten the strap until you get the right pressure and repeat the test. If after repeating the test you are unable to effectively tighten the restraint, refrain from using headphones. Only after having checked the strap tension, attach the free end and lock with snap-in on the release tab. The spring pin serves only to fix the free end of the strap to prevent corrugation while driving. Fixing the release button does not guarantee that the helmet was worn and fastened correctly: the tightness of the strap must be verified by the operations described in the preceding paragraphs. To release the retention system, release the pressure and pull the release tab for releasing the clamp. Pull the free end of the strap rings D-rings \Use the tab to release only to remove the helmet! Never operate the release tab while driving. If the release system is not working properly, avoid using the suomy helmet and contact authorized personnel only.

Fully removable and washable cheek pads in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product. Inner shell is completely removable and washable, in various thicknesses complete customization of the final product. The removable inner shell has been ergonomically designed to support uniform and controlled over the entire head. The view of ventilation slots, make that the flow of incoming air termoregoli the inner part of the helmet and the flow of hot air to be discharged easily from the rear. The rooms (pillows and inner shell) are fully COOLMAX ® fabric precious Interpower active treatment.

Sweat away from the body. Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.

Performance verified and certified by ADVANSA. The shell is made of polystyrene with grooves for transporting air inflow. In the front portion is an upper air intake with the on / off system which allows ventilation inside the helmet.

On the chin is a blows air inlet opening that provides adequate ventilation inside the helmet. Rear spoiler: polycarbonate product has been designed and tested in wind tunnels, so that the point of detachment of the airflow is also moved far as possible from the shell. This results in less turbulence and thus vibration on the headset itself. And sold with regular reception. And as such et'un subject. In addition to any kind of help. After-sales service provided by us. Bank transfer / bank transfer. This is a new product (still unused) and sold with his receipt (or, on request, its invoice) of this so the guarantee of the producer has an official value !!!

(The product has the same with all types of assistance that we provide). Viale nazario sauro, 58 / x - 62019 Recanati (mc) - Italy - p.

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    Casco Helmet Suomy Helmet Helm Replica Capirossi Serie Limitata S    Casco Helmet Suomy Helmet Helm Replica Capirossi Serie Limitata S