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Helm Helmet Helmet Helmet Arai Rx-7 V Rc Carbone Ar2796rc Size L

Helm Helmet Helmet Helmet Arai Rx-7 V Rc Carbone Ar2796rc Size L

Helm Helmet Helmet Helmet Arai Rx-7 V Rc Carbone Ar2796rc Size L    Helm Helmet Helmet Helmet Arai Rx-7 V Rc Carbone Ar2796rc Size L

Helmet helmet helmet helmet arai rx-7 v rc carbon ar2796rc - size l. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Rx-7v is the ultimate expression of the know-how, technology and experience gained from the construction of the Arai helmet. Thanks to a completely redesigned pb snc2, the revolutionary system vis visor (variable axis system) and the fact that it has brought to the temples area even more smooth and durable, rx-7v stands out ... Reference in the range high-end helmets. The new interiors in ecopure, even more comfortable, the new profiles of vents and improvements to the ventilation system diffuser, show the attention to detail and quality of construction that has always distinguished arai. Thanks to the shape of the shell, which meets the r75 design criteria, our technicians have been able to improve the helmet's ability to slide and bounce obstacles, obtain great performances not only within the absorption test, but also in the real world \The new resin used, improve the cohesion between the different layers of fibers, which allows the shell to be stronger but also lighter (30 grams). Ventilation: The upper air inlet provides the ventilation and opening / closing system of more than 11%, allows the user a fast and intuitive use. The air channel, air entering the area of ​​the temples for the conduits on the side of the force. The new diffuser, 20 mm wider and more aerodynamic and allow you to enter the airflow of more than 19% through the helmet. Laonavail, five adjustable lanes, improves stability and reduces buffering at high speed. New shape: The new shell, completely redesigned according to the r75 form, is built to be even smoother and durable, allowing the helmet to slide off dangerous obstacles without generating rotations. The system allows to reduce the mechanisms of opening visor vane allowing the helmet to boast excellent absorption even in the area of ​​the temples. More space in the chin area: the new design of the shell, increases the space in the chin area by 3 mm. New visor lock system: thanks to our experience in the f1 championship, the visor, locking system has been completely redesigned. The system is safe and durable like never before, but allows it to be operated with a single fluid and intuitive movement even when wearing gloves.

New system visor: sav: the new visor variable speed system, authorized engineers darai reduce the size of the mechanism and external media not only improves the performance of the helmet in case of shock, but also facilitate the replacement of the same, thanks to a more intuitive. New interiors: upholstery fabrics and interior decoration have been completely redesigned to make the rx-7v mount even more comfortable. If necessary, those most prone to stress are designed for the elbow or even break, not to sing in the exercise of absorption of the shell. New diffuser: 20 mm plus to maximize aerodynamic efficiency at high speed.

Front entry holes have been enlarged. The system of opening / closing vents is even easier to operate and has been modified to improve the silence of the helmet even when they are closed. Checked five times: Each arai helmet is designated by five quality control departments inspecting the helmet during the different stages of production. Thickness of shell postproduction, post painting, after assembly and two other checks in progress. Washable interior: all the extensions of the arai helmets are washable (even if mounted) with warm water and mild soap. Handmade: can take up to 18 hours / man to prudurre a single helmet arai. The construction of a hull can also require 27 separate steps and after five years, our qualified technicians can claim the right to create an arai. Maximum comfort, even throughout the day: the interior design, the quality of ventilation and the perfect balance, weight distribution of the rx-7v helmet make it the ideal companion for long distances. Subject to penetration tests: all arai helmets are subject to penetration testing (except for highway-2, penta, astro light and vx-pro jr) although not required by European approval. The penetration tests carried out by arai is at the impact of a steel cone about 3 kg of weight at a height of 3 meters on any point of the shell (including air vents) above the snell test line. Double strap d: double flat strap fastener perfectly glues to any type of face. No moving parts, no corrosion problem and loosen ... Just pull the red tab.

We do not want the helmet will suffer decelerations or rotations are not necessary in case of fall. This is why all parts applied on shell (air vents, mixed) are designed to detach if necessary.

Hennebert exterior, soft: arai uses a durable shell to dissipate impact forces on as much surface as possible, and an inner shell made of polystyrene, extremely soft, to absorb energy. Arai polystyrene, densities in one piece, has 3 to 5 different areas of the density. Warranty 5 years: all arai helmets are guaranteed against any defect of manufacture or material during five years as from the date of purchase but can not be greater than seven years as from the date of manufacture. Tailor outer shells: Unlike many other manufacturers, Arai produces a shell

Internal tests by \Attention: the product will be shipped directly from the farm italy arai. Products are always in stock, but the time for order management can vary from 1 to 3 business days. Attention: helmet available spring 2018.

If ordered before this date, you will have right of first refusal. \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

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    Helm Helmet Helmet Helmet Arai Rx-7 V Rc Carbone Ar2796rc Size L    Helm Helmet Helmet Helmet Arai Rx-7 V Rc Carbone Ar2796rc Size L